Alcohol and Other Drug Services

Alcohol and
Other Drug

Helping students understand substance
use in the context of community

Alcohol and Other Drug Services

Alcohol and Other Drug Services (AODS) is committed to promoting a culture of wellbeing at MIT by:

  • Educating about the impact of substance use on wellbeing
  • Encouraging the use of lower-risk strategies for safer alcohol and other drug use 
  • Discouraging high-risk behaviors around substance use
  • Preventing the negative consequences of substance use
  • Advocating for a healthier, safer social environment at MIT

If you need help or support, please email or call (617) 258-6499 and leave a voicemail. AODS is a private resource, students will not get in trouble for discussing their alcohol and/or other drug use. 


Curious to learn more about alcohol and other drugs?  

  • We provide information about alcohol aimed at helping students reduce their risk for experiencing negative consequences

Interested in exploring your relationship with alcohol?  

Concerned about the safety of another MIT community member?  

 Interested in socializing and having fun on the weekends?

  • Check out Weekends@MIT, an initiative aimed at increasing the availability of substance-free, weekend, late night, social events on campus.  Students can subscribe to our weekly newsletter to hear about upcoming events.