Works for DSL

Work for DSL

Partners with students, faculty, and staff
to help students thrive academically, physically,
and personally

We are here for students.

We come together for a common educational purpose: to help our diverse community of students thrive intellectually, physically, spiritually, and personally.

How we fulfill our misson: We partner with students, faculty, and staff to develop enriching environments and experiences that promote students’ knowledge, wellbeing, independence, and accountability. As educators, we facilitate opportunities for learning more about ourselves and others. We do so by developing the capacity for human understanding and problem solving in creative and innovative ways. We support students in discovering a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and joy. We call upon members of our community to serve locally, nationally, and globally. We foster a safe and inclusive MIT campus and sense of belonging for all. We value shared-governance and collaboration, and lead with integrity, innovation, and a commitment to continuous improvement (November 21, 2016).

Current Listings
See our current open positions at the MIT Careers site by selecting "Dean for Student Life" under the "Select School Area(s)" category.