DSL SEABoard Committee Charges

SEABoard Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The SEABoard Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (SEABoard DEI) strives to make DSL a more equitable and inclusive division. SEABoard DEI works collaboratively with other DEI committees within DSL and across the Institute to advance strategic priorities of composition, belonging, and achievement articulated in the Strategic Action Plan for DEI. We do this by focusing on three key areas: Climate and Assessment, Continuing Education, and Recognition and Celebration

  • Climate and Assessment: review existing data and make recommendations for future assessment efforts, as well as learn more about what diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to DSL staff
  • Continuing Education: provide programming and other opportunities for staff development
  • Recognition and Celebration: find ways to promote and understand the diverse backgrounds represented within DSL

SEABoard Social Events & Wellness Committee

The Social Events & Wellness Committee works to increase staff engagement and encourage work/life balance by focusing on holistic wellness. The committee accomplishes this by planning social, wellness, and virtual initiatives on- and off-campus, as well as supporting relevant programs across DSL. Social events include fall, winter, and spring socials, an all-staff breakfast, the Infinite Mile Awards ceremony, an annual holiday party, and socials with MIT partners to foster cross-campus relationships. Wellness initiatives include physical and general well-being activities, promotion of campus-wide wellness programs and service opportunities, and possible participation in Cambridge/Boston area events.

*The Social Events & Wellness Committee is committed to fulling its mission to support staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Initiatives undertaken by the Committee will adhere to all MIT COVID-19 policies and community expectations as described on the MIT NOW website.

SEABoard Professional Development Committee

The SEABoard Professional Development Committee and recently acquired DSL Reads strive to foster a culture of education, development, and support to all DSL members. The Committee develops and implements programming to enhance proficiency as professionals and staff engagement both in-person and virtually.
Current opportunities and initiatives include:

  • Conference & Workshops - planning and executing annual PD conference in January (main work done in fall) and Spring bite-sized workshops (main work done in winter)
  • Mentorship program –staff engagement
  • DSL Reads and DSL Digest – recognition and education

SEABoard Steering Committee

The Staff Engagement Advisory Board (SEABoard) Steering Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Vice President and Dean for Student Life to promote staff engagement in the following areas:  Diversity & Inclusion, Professional Development, Social Events & Wellness, and additional areas as requested. The Committee also makes available relevant data from instruments such as the Quality of Life and DSL Engagement survey.