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The Wellbeing Lab

Suzy Nelson QuoteWELCOME TO MIT’S WELLBEING LAB. To help students develop their full potential, we aim to teach them the skills needed to build a strong mind and body, to foster healthy relationships with themselves and others, and to work towards clarity of purpose.

A core element of the Student Center renewal project is the Wellbeing Lab – a space designed and dedicated to well-being, anchored with programs and services to teach and support students throughout their time at MIT. Situated in the former Coffeehouse Lounge on the Student Center’s third floor, the Lab will be overseen by the Office of Student Wellbeing, which will lead the programming and coordination of activities, including the following:


Wellbeing Lab Programs

TEACHING LIFE-LONG SKILLS. Learning about how to live healthy and purposeful lives is a necessary complement to learning science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the humanities. The Wellbeing Lab will leverage connections to existing wellness programs in DAPER, including the Physical Education & Wellness General Institute Requirement, to help students on their individual journeys to develop these critical life-long skills.

PEER-TO-PEER EDUCATION. With nearly a dozen student-led organizations and groups that have a focus on student health and well-being, the Lab will become a physical hub for MIT to grow and strengthen peer-to-peer efforts. This includes groups like MedLinks, PLEASURE, Residential Peer Mentors, Wellbeing Ambassadors, and REFS that leverage student voices to help shape and influence the culture around student well-being amongst their peers.