Meet Concord Market

Meet Concord

MIT's new campus grocer

We are thrilled to partner with Concord Market to open a store in MIT’s Stratton Student Center (W20). Below are details about the new store, the prospective timeline leading to its opening, and an overview of key considerations informing the partnership.

  1. Who is the new campus grocer? Concord Market is an independent grocer from Concord, MA, founded in 2018 and owned by Elizabeth Akehurst-Moore. The Student Center location will be their second store.
  2. What will Concord Market sell? Their original store is known for prepared foods. So, in addition to a large selection of grab-and-go and heat-and-eat meals, the market will offer made-to-order sandwiches, select fresh produce, and a wide variety of everyday essentials (e.g., pasta, soups and sauces, fresh fruit and vegetables, rice, dairy products, and meats) chosen with the MIT community in mind. To ensure food is available at all times, we will open a Student Center vending hub next to the store, selling a wide selection of healthy options prepared by Concord Market and other vendors. They also will have a large commercial kitchen in the Student Center’s basement, offering catering services to the campus community and making prepared foods to be sold in the store.
  3. When will Concord Market open? If construction goes well, the store may open in late October or early November 2024. However, the opening may be delayed until early 2025 if the timeline stretches beyond the current plans.
  4. How may Concord Market adapt their approach to meet student needs and expectations? Recognizing that MIT shoppers’ needs differ from shoppers in Concord, the market team is working to create a store experience that appeals to students and employees. They intend to meet with community members on campus this spring to inform the store setup and mix of prepared foods and essential grocery items. Also, they are planning strategies for ensuring their products are affordable and their service is efficient, knowing that these are top priorities for the MIT community.
  5. What criteria did you use to select a new grocer? Our criteria included top-quality products, a focus on healthy and fresh foods, competitive pricing, and a great store experience. We also wanted to ensure that the grocer was nimble enough to adjust its product mix to meet our community’s needs and would offer products that align with MIT’s commitment to student well-being. We selected Concord Market because we think their team can fulfill those expectations.
  6. What will the store look like? The design is nearly finalized in anticipation of construction permits being obtained. Soon a vending hub will be located in the current conference room between the store and the MIT Credit Union, and the raised platform on which LaVerde’s sandwich bar was located is being removed. Work on the space is anticipated to start soon after Commencement.
  7. How does the new store fit into the Student Center renovation plans? Opening Concord Market will be another step toward making the Student Center the campus destination for well-being envisioned when the project started in 2023, where students can study, recharge, and find good, healthy food options. For example, there's synergy between the Wellbeing Lab and Concord Market as we work together on their mix of fresh and healthy foods for the store. DSL will continue improving spaces and adding services that promote student health and well-being and meet the needs of faculty, staff, and the multitude of MIT visitors.