Graduate Housing Working Group Implementation Team

Housing and Residential Services (HRS) in DSL pulled together a Graduate Student Housing Working Group Implementation Team as a follow-on to the 2018 Graduate Housing Working Group Report. With the Implementation Team, graduate heads of house, and house executive officers, HRS works to enhance housing policies and processes intended to make living on campus more attractive to students. Efforts have included building student awareness of housing options available at MIT; increasing student agency in deciding when they arrive, as well as where and with whom they would like to live; helping students who want MIT housing to secure it in a shorter timeline; and creating transparency in terms of housing options and availability.

February 5, 2020 - 2020-2021 Graduate Housing Rates FAQ
December 18, 2019 - Read the Implementation Group's 2019 Update 

Group Charge
Students from the Graduate Housing Working Group, housing assignments staff, and heads of house have been assembled to:
  1. Examine the feasibility of recommendations from the Graduate Housing Working Group to improve the student housing experience, to increase student participation in the on-campus housing allocation process, and to consider ways to increase and/or more fully utilize the capacity of existing MIT graduate housing;
  2. Set goals and timelines for implementation of attainable changes;
  3. Work closely with heads of house and house governments to explore potential pilot programs and possible changes to housing policies/procedures;
  4. Assess the effectiveness of implemented changes; and
  5. Update the Graduate Housing Working Group, the Graduate Student Council, and the Chancellor on progress.

Group Membership
  • Anne Hudson, Urban Studies & Planning and Science in Transportation
  • Mohammad Islam, Chair of the GSC Housing and Community Affairs Committee
  • Alexander Joerger, GSC Vice President, 70 Amherst Street House Government
  • Somesh Mohapatra, Chair of the GSC Orientation Committee, Tang Hall Social Chair  
  • Naomi Carton, Associate Dean for Graduate Student Support, Head of House for Westgate Apartments
  • Nuria Jane Chimeno, Associate Head of House for Sidney-Pacific
  • Tasha Coppett, Assistant Director of Graduate and Off Campus Housing
  • David Friedrich, Sr. Associate Dean for Housing & Residential Services
  • Mary Liñan, Manager of Special Initiatives in Housing & Residential Services