TechCASH For Merchants

Would you like to have access to over 10,000 customers? You can when you participate in the TechCASH program!

The TechCASH program allows MIT students, faculty and staff to purchase goods and services using their MIT ID card or Mobile ID. Similar to a debit account, cardholders deposit money in their TechCASH plan and use that stored value to purchase goods and services from participating merchants.

TechCASH Advantages

  • INCREASED SALES The most obvious benefit of the TechCASH program is an immediate increase in sales.
  • HIGHER CHECK AVERAGES Businesses report not only increased sales, but increased check averages. Students spend more per transaction when they are using their TechCASH than with cash or credit cards.
  • LESS CASH HANDLING TechCASH Merchants not only benefit from total sales increases but they also recongnize a decrease in the amount of cash that they handle. With fewer cash transactions, merchants benefit from a decrease in employee theft and human error.
  • COMPETITIVE EDGE Participating merchants gain an edge over their competitors by accepting TechCASH.
  • DAILY SALES REPORT The TechCASH system will email daily sales reports for all TechCASH activity.
  • MARKETING OPPORTUNITY TechCASH will promote your business on our website.

Merchant Application
The application can be filled out and sent in by fax or mail. Click to download.

Internal MIT Merchants
Off-campus merchants interested in accepting TechCASH should download and complete this form, then send it back according to the instructions on the form. Click to download.

Current Merchants
See the list of on-campus merchants that accept TechCASH.

Student Group Merchants
Fill out online webform