Where to Use TechCASH

- Campus Dining -   - House Dining -   - Bookstores -
100 Main Marketplace (Sloan E62)   Baker House   Coop at Kendall Square
Anna's Taqueria (W20)   Maseeh Hall   Coop at Student Center
Bosworth's (Lobby 7)   McCormick Hall   MIT Press Bookstore
Cafe 4 (Bldg 4)   Next House    
Cafe Spice (W20)   Simmons Hall    
Cambridge Grill (W20)        
Dunkin Donuts (W20)   - Off Campus Services -   - Off Campus Dining -
Faculty Lunch (Bldg 32)    Central Sq. Florist   Chicago Pizza - Mass Ave.
Forbes Family Cafe (W32)       Oath Craft Pizza - Central Sq.
Koch Cafe (Bldg 76)    - Grocery/Supermarket -   Sebastian's - Kendall Sq.
Pacific Street Cafe (NW86)   H Mart    
R&D Pub (Bldg 32)        
Sebastian's Cafe (W98)        
Shawarma Shack (W20)        
Shinkansen Bullet Train (W20)        
Starbucks (Bldg 32)    - Campus Services -
Steam Cafe (Bldg 7)   adMIT One Tickets   Alpha Phi Omega (APO)
Thirsty Ear Pub (NW35)   Atlas Service Center   Copytech Centers
Vending Machines   Hobby Shop   IS&T Help Desk and PC Repair
    MIT Alumni Association   MIT Audio Visual
    MITAC   MIT Libraries
- Convenience -   MIT Museum   Parking & Transportation
Laverde's Market (W20)   Project Mobius   Residential Laundry
TechMart (Bldg 50)   Sharon's Hair (W20)   Student Art Associaton