Wellesley College Meal Program

Wellesley students cross-registered at MIT are automatically provided with a meal allowance to be used on campus during MIT's Fall and Spring semesters. The allowance is accessible using their MIT ID card (or mobile device) at checkout.

The allowance is valid for either lunch or dinner Monday through Friday.  This is an allowance, not a meal plan and there is a dollar limit to the allowance provided for each meal:

Updated 4/13/2023

Lunch (11:00 am-4:59 pm) = $13.75

Dinner (5:00 pm-12:00 am) = $16.25


During the Student Center (W20) renovation project scheduled to begin April 17, 2023, the Wellesley meal allowance can be used at the food trucks on the student center plaza.  The meal allowance will be $15.00 at the trucks.  

Please note that the Wellesley meal plan program is processed differently than MIT TechCASH or Dining Dollars as it adds a step for the cashier during checkout (if a balance remains after the allowance is applied).  If the cashier states a transaction failed, please ask to try again and inform them of your payment method for the remaining balance.

The Wellesley meal program is valid at the locations listed below.


Retail Locations

  • 100 Main Marketplace (E62)
  • BibimBox (W20)
  • Bosworth’s Café (7)
  • Carolicious (W20)
  • Dean’s Beans (32)
  • Dunkin (W20)
  • Forbes Family Café (32)
  • Hayden Courtyard Café (14)
  • Koch Café (76)
  • Las Palmas (W20)
  • Pacific Street Café (NW86)
  • Steam Café (7)
  • TeaDo (W20)

Residential Locations

  • Maseeh Dining (W1)
  • McCormick Dining (W4)
  • Baker Dining (W7)
  • Next House Dining (W71)
  • Simmons Dining (W79)
  • New Vassar Dining (W46)


For service hours please visit: http://studentlife.mit.edu/dining

Should you have any questions please contact techcash@mit.edu.

The Wellesley meal allowance is not accepted at any location not on this list.

* Consult MIT's academic calendar for specific term dates.