Wellesley College Meal Plan

Wellesley students cross-registered at MIT may eat meals on campus using their MIT ID card during MIT's spring and fall semesters, from registration day through the last day of finals.*

The Wellesley meal program is valid for either lunch or dinner Monday - Friday. There is a dollar limit for each meal:

  • Lunch (11:00 am-4:59 pm) = $7.00
  • Dinner (5:00 pm-12:00 am) = $8.50

Wellesley students are responsible for the balance on all transactions exceeding these amounts. The Wellesley meal plan is valid at all campus dining locations on the Where to Use TechCASH? Page, with the exception of LaVerdes, Au Bon Pain, Harvest Co-op, Sebastian's, and H-Mart. To see if you are on the Wellesley College meal plan program, please visit the TechCASH homepage (MIT certificate required). If you have any questions, please email us.

* Consult MIT's academic calendar for specific term dates.