Get Started With TechCASH

Follow these instructions to get started with TechCASH!

Every student is assigned a TechCASH Flex account automatically upon enrollment at MIT. To get started, you will need to add funds to your account, so click here to get started or manage your account. Funds can be added by credit card or student billing deposits.  Student billing means that the amount of the TechCASH deposit will be billed to the student's MITPAY student account.  There is no additional fee for making a deposit to your TechCASH account.  TechCASH Flex accounts will remain open for as long as a student remains at MIT and there is no time limit on when funds must be used.  When students graduate or leave MIT, TechCASH Flex accounts with balances over $25 are eligible for refunds.  Please see the TechCASH Terms and Conditions page for more information.  Students with MIT meal plans may also have separate Dining Dollars accounts.  Dining Dollars are different than TechCASH Flex funds as they can only be used to purchase food, and when purchasing food at on-campus locations, students receive a 5% discount with Dining Dollars.  Unlike meal plan swipes which must be used within the same semester, Dining Dollars can roll over from Fall to Spring, but must be used by the end of the academic year.  Additional deposits to Dining Dollars accounts can be made via Student Account bill or credit card.  If you have questions, please send an e-mail to

MIT employees can open payroll deduction plans for TechCASH. A payroll deduction allows employees to use their MIT ID card to make TechCASH purchases, the cost of which are then deducted from their next paychecks. To open a payroll deduction plan, please fill out this form (

Affiliates (Including MIT spouses and employees)
MIT affiliates can open a TechCASH Express account on their MIT ID cards. Express plans are debit accounts similar to student TechCASH Flex plans, but can only be funded by credit card deposit. This option is also available for MIT spouses or partners who choose not to open shared accounts, and MIT employees who choose not to open payroll deduction plans. Express plans cannot coexist with payroll deduction plans or shared accounts.  To open an Express account, please fill out the following form.