Tips for Writing a Nomination:

  • Choose a category: Describe how your nominee meets the criteria of the category
  • Use the nomination questions as a guide. Respond to as many of the questions that apply to your nominee's situation.
  • Get support: Ask co-workers, supervisors, students, and/or faculty to submit a statement in support of your nomination.
  • Use bullet points
  • No need to write a long essay – it’s not the quantity of the nomination. It’s the quality!
  • Include measurable results: share facts or date to show significant achievements.
  • Be specific: Give multiple and specific examples to support your statement about the nominee.
  • Accomplishments: List detailed accomplishments and your nominee’s impact on DSL and MIT.
  • Submit for different awards across MIT: If you wrote for example an Excellence Award nomination, James N. Murphy Award nomination this year, you can also submit it for an Infinite Mile Awards
  • Resubmit your nomination: If you submitted an Infinite Award nomination last year, consider revising it and citing most recent, specific examples of contributions made over this year and resubmit.
  • Write your nomination from your heart – don’t worry about using fancy words.

Nomination Questions:

Use the questions below as a guide to prepare your nomination before you submit it. 
Give us some background information that provides understanding of why the individual or team is being nominated.

  • If possible, briefly describe the nominee's position and general job responsibilities.
  • Why is the individual or team's contribution/achievement significant and deserving of recognition?
  • Is there an issue, problem, or situation that the individual or team successfully addressed?
  • What characteristics make this individual or team noteworthy?

Describe some action steps that were taken:

  • How were innovations and/or solutions identified, developed, and implemented?
  • Describe collaborative efforts with other disciplines and/or departments.
  • How was leadership and/or teamwork exemplified?
  • How are these steps beyond the normal requirements of the nominee's job.

What were the results of the achievement?

  • What impact does the contribution/achievement have on a department and/or the Institute?
  • How does the community benefit?
  • Describe any collaborative partnerships that resulted.
  • How did the contribution/achievement improve service quality and/or efficiency?
  • How did the contribution/achievement enhance diversity, foster an employee's professional development, and/or promote work/life balance?