DSL Appreciates Recognition Program

The DSL Appreciates Recognition Program allows staff members to express immediate and spontaneous appreciation for the contributions of their peers. Giving a DSL Appreciates Recognition card is a great way to say thank you to fellow colleagues and recognize excellent work.

How To Give DSL Appreciates Recognition

  1. “WOW!” Notice an action/attitude that you would like to recognize.
  2. FAST FORM Fill out a DSL Appreciates Recognition Form.
  3. SUBMIT Submit your form.
  4. SAY THANKS Download and write a thank-you note to the person you are recognizing (cards are available at the end of the form). 
  5. RECOGNIZE! Email the card to the person you would like to recognize.
  6. DRAWING At the end of the month, HR will draw for up to five $50 supplemental payment or up to $50 from https://www.baudville.com/.
  7. A DASH OF CASH HR will process the supplemental payment for the recipients of the drawing.

For more information about the DSL Appreciates program, please contact Alicja Estabrooks at (617) 253-1496.

About the Program (This program has been updated in 2020 to be in compliance with a change in tax laws related to gift card use)
The DSL Spot Award Redesign Committee, comprised of a cross-section of DSL staff, was charged with developing a fair, consistent, user-friendly recognition program that can be applied across the many unique areas of DSL. Committed to fostering a Community of Appreciation, the Committee looked to design an “award” that was personal and immediate. The Committee also focused on clarifying what types of actions are appropriate for recognition, developing methods for educating staff about the program, and creating a unified community across DSL. These values resulted in a new name, a new program, and new educational materials. In order to clarify the purpose of the program, while maintaining a piece of its history, the Committee chose to call the program the DSL On-The-Spot Recognition Program. *The Recognition is a digital thank-you note to be emailed, and a drawing at the end of the month for everyone who received an appreciation for one of up to five $50 supplemental payment or up to $50 from https://www.baudville.com/.*


  • When will the drawing recipients see their supplemental payments? It can take up to two pay periods for the money to be included in the paycheck.
  • How will my recipent know that they are receiving a DSL Appreciates? In addition to you sending an e-card (several options are available at the end of the recognition form, link above), when you fill out the form, an automatic email is sent to the recipient.
  • How many DSL Appreciates can I send? As many as you like! Please note that each recipient of a DSL Appreciates will be entered into the end of month drawing once per month, regardless of how many appreciations they have received.
  • Will my recipient be publicly recognized? The recipients of the drawing will be announced in an email each month. Please note that we will allow recipients to opt-out of having their name included, if they choose.