Bias Response Team

The role of the Bias Response Team (BRT) is to conduct an initial assessment of any reported or identified incidents of bias or discrimination alleged to have been committed by MIT students, and to coordinate a response plan that is tailored to the specific circumstances. The BRT reviews and assesses all reports it receives of bias and discrimination as soon as possible and, together with other campus stakeholders, coordinates an appropriate response, including identifying ongoing support and intervention actions for the affected individual and/or community, and communicating as appropriate with the MIT community about the incident.

The BRT is a multi-disciplinary team charged with using its collective knowledge, resources, and judgment to provide an initial assessment of the reported incident. The BRT will consult with Community Partners or colleagues from offices across campus to coordinate an appropriate response plan, with the goal of addressing the reported incident and identifying opportunities for preventing future issues. 

The BRT is responsible for:

  • Receiving reports regarding acts of discrimination, bias incidents, or hate crimes.

  • Making an initial determination as to how the reporting party will be contacted (unless report received by an anonymous source) and coordinating any necessary immediate actions, including identifying ongoing support and interventions for the affected individual and/or community.
  • Contacting the reporting party when possible to learn more about the incident and review formal and informal reporting options.
  • Reviewing formal and informal reporting options with the reporting party to assist them in determining next steps.
  • Coordinating a plan based on the requested action of the reporting party and the assessment of the BRT. 
  • Assisting with the implementation, monitoring, re-assessment, and follow-up on the plan.
  • Documenting the results of the process.
  • Building awareness of and familiarity with the BRT and its process among the MIT community, including the process to report to or consult with the BRT regarding bias or discrimination.

The BRT is committed to:

  • Supporting and promoting the safety and wellbeing of all MIT students.
  • Demonstrating MIT’s strong commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, integrity, and respect.
  • Supporting the open exchange of ideas, opinions, and experiences based on mutual respect. 
  • Providing a clear process for reporting bias incidents alleged to have been committed by MIT students - from the immediate response upon notification of a bias incident to long-term strategies for affected individuals and communities.