CAC Event Support Request in Non-CAC Space

Are you having an event in one of the following locations?

* Stata Classrooms (32-123, 32-124, 32-141, 32-144, and/or 32-155)

* Stata R&D Common

* Vest Student Street Spaces

* Weisner Art Gallery

First, you will need to schedule the space. For the R&D Common, contact CSAIL at For the other classrooms, contact the Schedules Office.  For Vest Student Street, individual Vest Student Street spaces, or the Weisner Art Gallery - use the below form to request.

Please note if you need cleaning services, you will need to order them from Custodial Services. Please note that classrooms are not cleaned on weekends.

After you have reserved the space, you can then contact the Campus Activities Complex to provide event support by filling out this form: (PLEASE NOTE: Safari is currently not working for this form)

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