Consent Isn't Complicated It's Just a Conversation

Consent isn't complicated, it's just a conversation. Despite this reality, the discussion around consent for sexual activity can sometimes make it sound scary and overly complicated. We're here to say that it doesn't have to be!

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The Campaign

To illustrate that consent isn't complicated, VPR has developed a multimedia campaign demonstrating how simple consent seeking can be when treated as a conversation as opposed to a bunch of complicated steps to be checked off before intimate and/or sexual activity. This semester we released the first in a series of upcoming stories featuring a diverse cast of characters engaging in consent conversations as they navigate a variety of sexual situations. Look for these comics around campus in poster, zine, and digital formats.

In addition to the media elements of the campaign, we have also developed an interactive training component. The interactive training will take place during SAAM (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) in April and if interested, one can be requested for your community at any time (including prior to April) by contacting   


All About Consent

Asking for consent doesn’t have to be awkward. Some examples of ways to ask for consent can be found on VPR's all about consent page. Remember, if you are the one initiating sexual activity, it is your responsibility to obtain affirmative, verbal consent. If you're still unsure what consent entails, or want to learn more about the basic guidelines for obtaining consent, the all about consent page is full of answers. Or, if you want to learn about MIT's policies on consent for sexual activity, visit Title IX: sexual harassment and misconduct policy. In the end, there's no need to feel overwhelmed or scared, because consent is just a conversation! You can make it fun, relaxing, or sexy; You choose. Just start talking!   


Campaign Materials


There is only one poster you'll find hanging around residence halls, FSILGs and select campus offices. It's the second of the four you see below. To read the full story, you'll need to get your hands on the zine (you could just read the story here, but really you should find a copy of the zine, it's very nice).

Consent campaign volume 1, poster 1 Consent campaign volume 1, poster 2 Consent campaign volume 1, poster 3 Consent campaign volume 1, poster 4


Digital Signage

Next up are the 'Infinite Display' images that will be popping up at the many digital signage locations across campus. They tell a bit more of the story, but still not as much as the zine.

Consent Campaign volume 1 - Infinite Display teaser Consent Campaign volume 1 - Infinite Display 1 Consent Campaign volume 1 - Infinite Display 2

Zine (available February 19th)

Finally, there is the zine. This fun, easy to read, easy to share, pocket-sized comic is the best place to read the full story. Look for it in residence halls, FSILGs and other select locations on campus.  

consent campaign volume 1 zine cover


If you're interested in getting copies of the zine for yourself, your friends or your community, but can't find it in any residence halls, FSILGs or campus offices, email VPR at and we'll make arrangements for getting copies to you.


Feedback Form

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