Staying Well

The resources on this page have been updated for Spring 2021.

Wellbeing is core to the MIT educational experience and can be broadly categorized into four pillars: mind, body, relationships, and purpose. The resources below are provided to help you maintain a healthy physical and mental lifestyle that includes staying connected with others and finding a sense of purpose.

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Taking care of your mind is critical to managing your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and also allows you to reason, innovate, practice self-compassion, empathize, and develop insight.


Caring for your body is foundational to wellbeing and includes getting good sleep, physical exercise, and eating well. Wellbeing for your body is not tied to physical ability or size.


Healthy relationships and meaningful connections help create thriving communities where everyone feels valued and respected.


A sense of purpose helps you make sense of your experience in the world, discover what is meaningful to you, and figure out who you want to become.