Stay Well

Tips and resources for you to stay well and healthy

Student Support Button on the MIT Mobile App

Download the MIT Mobile app in the App Store or Google Play. The Student Support module (look for the heart!) includes information about offices and resources to help you stay well.

At-Risk for Students Online Training

This online, interactive training module engages students in virtual role play scenarios so that they are able to identify common signs of distress and ways to seek help for themselves or peers.

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Stress Reduction, Mindfulness & Relaxation Tips

These programs and tips, compiled by MIT Community Wellness, will help you stay more relaxed and focused so that you can perform at your best. Resources include mindfulness apps and audio files and tips to manage stress.

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Sleep Resources

MIT Community Wellness offers many resources and tips to make sure that you get a full night of rest! Resources include print and audio files to improve sleep quality and suggested sleep apps.

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DAPER Wellness Tips

Don’t confine your health and wellbeing to just your PE requirement! These tips and resources from DAPER can be integrated into every part of your daily life.

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