Faculty resources to support students

The resources below are for faculty and staff who are looking for help to support a student.

Student Support Button on the MIT Mobile App

Download the MIT Mobile app in the App Store or Google Play. The Student Support button (look for the heart!) allows you to share concerns about a student, get help with common issues, and connect with commonly accessed resources.

Faculty Guide

This easy to follow guide provides basic information for faculty and staff to recognize signs that a student is in distress and steps to take to refer students to additional resources. To request a hard copy of the Faculty Guide, email facultyguide@mit.edu.

Access the Faculty Guide

At-Risk for Faculty and Staff Online Training

This online, interactive training module guides faculty and staff through simulated conversations with virtual students who are experiencing distress. The module is designed to help anyone who works with students build confidence, knowledge, and skills to best support students and become aware of resources.

Access At-Risk for Faculty and Staff Online Training

Request a Training

If your group or department is interested in learning more about ways to recognize students in distress and student support resources through an in-person training, email facultyguide@mit.edu. Trainings are currently offered on an as-requested basis.

Talking to Students During Uncertain Times

Get advice for talking to students during uncertain times.

Helping Students Cope with Loss

David Randall, Senior Associate Dean for Student Support and Wellbeing, offers some advice for helping students cope with loss.