Group photo of MIT students

Black Lives Matter.

Our community is struggling. The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many others due to police brutality have sent a shockwave through our system. The pain people of color experience in our communities, in our streets, and in our classrooms is more salient now than ever.

You may be working through any number of emotions — from grief to anxiety to outrage — and this may not be the first time you’ve felt what you’re feeling. As you process and act on these feelings, we hope you’ll take the time to practice self-care. Here’s a list of resources that can help support you mentally and physically during this time:


To perform at your best, you need to be your best. Prioritizing your wellbeing — mind, body, relationships with others, and purpose — is the key to making sure you can show up as your best self at MIT.

Here’s how we’ve organized this page to make sure you have all the resources to prioritize your wellbeing:

COVID‑19 Support: Access support services while MIT operates remotely and learn about resources to help you stay well during this challenging time

Get Help Now: People and offices that are available any time of day if you need to talk to someone

Commonly Used Resources: Some of the most common requests and questions from students, compiled in one spot for you

For Faculty and Staff: Resources to help faculty and staff support students

For Parents and Families: Resources to help parents and families support students