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Watch Video from Housing Forum

The team at Housing & Residential Services (HRS) held a special housing forum for members of the international graduate student community on Tuesday, December 22 from 9:00 – 9:40 am ET.  The forum the variety of MIT-owned housing options at a range of price points for single students and students with families. HRS staff discussed the process for applying for on-campus graduate housing and the resources available to assist with off-campus housing searches as well as addressed inquiries from students.

HRS continues to remain as flexible as possible to accommodate graduate students’ housing needs. If circumstances associated with the COVID-19 pandemic alter students’ plans or prevent students from returning to campus through no fault of their own (i.e. travel or visa restrictions), HRS will work with students on a case-by-case basis. 

Students with a housing assignment. 

  • For students who have on-campus housing assignments and confirmed delays to arrive on campus due to travel/visa issues, their assignments are on hold (no rent charges accrued) until they are able to arrive on campus.  
  • You may check your MyHousing account to confirm your housing assignment for the spring. If you have questions about your holding or terminating your housing assignment, please contact
  • HRS has also removed cancellation charges for international students.

Students without a housing assignment. 

  • Students without housing assignments who are interested in living on campus during Spring 2021 now may participate in the graduate housing self-selection waiting list.
  • A variety of MIT-owned housing options are available at a range of price points for students and for students with families. HRS will release housing inventory every week and students will have the ability to preview and select a housing assignment on a weekly basis and in real time.  Students who plan to return to campus should be sure to understand the campus access, testing, and compliance protocols
  • Self-selection of housing assignments through the waiting list process are on a weekly basis.  The waiting list process will pause December 21, 2020 – January 3, 2021 for Institute holidays and self-selection will resume on Monday, January 4.  

We're here for you.  

HRS will continue to work with the International Students Office to support international students’ housing needs.  Any further housing-related inquiries may be sent to with the subject line "Your First Name, Last Name - International Student Spring 2021".  Please note the holiday office hours