COVID19 & Student Organization Guidelines

In light of the Institute’s recent Fall 2020 announcements, we wanted to follow-up with additional guidance and updates for student organizations. We recognize this is a fluid situation, and organizations will have to rapidly adapt and rethink their typical programs in order to follow COVID-19 safety protocols. As always, please do know that SOLE is  with you every step of the way, eager to think through tricky situations and reach creative solutions.

In mid-September, SOLE and DSL will host a town hall to provide additional guidance and for student organization leaders to ask questions. We will be in touch shortly with a time and date.

Furthermore, SOLE will increase our office hours for the beginning of the semester so that we can meet with more student leaders. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to schedule a time with us to speak.

In the meantime, please find some guidance below, and do note that we will routinely publish updates on our official SOLE COVID-19 Guidelines webpage. Thank you ahead of time for your  patience and flexibility as the entire MIT community adjusts to this new reality.

Fall 2020 In-Person Events

  • As it currently stands, no in-person student organization events (whether on or off-campus)  will be approved of by MIT. SOLE recommends that student organizations continue their pivot to virtual events, and cancel any plans for putting on in-person programs in the Fall.

  • All virtual events still must be registered and approved of by the Institute via the new “MIT Event Registration - Fall 2020” form. 

  • A student organization event is defined as any formal programmatic gathering organized by the club. A student organization meeting is defined as a gathering among membership to discuss club matters and business. Organizational meetings are not considered events, and do not need to be registered. 

  • As in-person events are not allowed, no reimbursements will be processed for any unapproved in-person programs.

  • In order to support student leaders, online waiver forms are now available for virtual programs that will have minors in attendance. Please schedule a meeting with SOLE to discuss this process.

  • SOLE has not received any additional guidance for Spring 2021, but we recommend that organizations be conservative in their planning, and think through virtual solutions for that period as well. It is better to plan a robust virtual program months out, then to rapidly pivot if necessary.

Student Organization Office/Storage Guidelines

Financial Processes

  • Wire Transfers - As a majority of MIT offices will be working remotely and physical access to W20 will be restricted, SOLE recommends that student organizations receive funds through the traditional wire process. Guidance on this process may be found here.

  • Checks - Checks mailed to the office or other departments may not be processed promptly and could result in funds being held up or canceled. SOLE strongly recommends funds be received via wire transfer. Checks should not be sent to the SOLE office. Please schedule a meeting with SOLE staff to discuss any additional logistics.

Additional Processes

  • Packages - As the SOLE staff is working remotely, packages should not be sent to the office. Student organizations ordering materials should schedule a time with SOLE during regular office hours to discuss potential solutions.

We encourage student organizations to devise alternative solutions to their programs. As always, SOLE is here to provide guidance. Please check back shortly for next steps and additional guidance.


Last Updated: September 9th, 2020