MIT Guidelines on COVID19 & Student Organization Events

In light of President Reif’s e-mail as well as MIT’s COVID-19 guidelines about events, please see below for additional information and guidance we have received regarding student organization programs:

  • All student organization events taking place after 5:00PM on Friday, March 13th will be canceled. This is applicable for programs both on and off campus.
  • Those events that have been previously approved of by the Institute, and are scheduled to occur before 5:00PM on Friday, March 13th, will be allowed to take place. 
  • No new student organization event registrations will be approved of. 
  • Student organizations may not shift the date of a previously scheduled program to take place before the Friday, March 13th deadline.
  • All programs with minors will need to be canceled. 


  • Loss of Funds – We recognize that canceled events could have financial impacts on student organizations. In that regard, we are recommending that organizations submit a record of total lost funds, or non-recoverable expenditures via the Unrecoverable Expenses/Loss Revenue Report.  This will help DSL and MIT to establish a clearer picture of the financial impact on student organizations.

We encourage student organizations to devise alternative solutions to their programs. As always, SOLE is here to provide guidance. For further questions regarding COVID-19 guidelines, please contact

Please check back shortly for next steps and additional guidance.

Last Updated: March 11, 2020