Getting to Disability Services

The SDS Office is located in Room 5-104, right off the main entrance of MIT at 77 Massachusetts Avenue. The following information describes the accessible entry route for persons with mobility impairments:

If you are facing the steps of the main entrance at 77 Massachusetts Avenue, the entrance ramp is to your left. Follow the ramp and disability signs to the elevator. Go up to the first floor. Upon exiting the elevator, turn either right or left and proceed into Lobby 7. (You will now be facing the doors at the top of the steps). Turn left into the Building 5 corridor. Our office is the first one on the left.


There is parking for persons with a disability license plate/placard along Massachusetts Avenue in several spots - two, in particular, at 77 Massachusetts Avenue.

Restroom Facilities

Restrooms with accessible facilities are located on the first floor of Building 5, which is directly down the hall from our office.