Access to MIT

The MIT Campus Accessibility Map (a PDF document) is a map prepared by the MIT Planning Office. Copies are available in our office (Room 5-104) and the main MIT Events and Information Center (Room 7-121).
This map featuring a color-coded map of the MIT campus that details recommended routes for individuals with mobility disabilities, including the locations of curb cuts, ramps, and accessible restrooms and entrances to buildings on the MIT campus. The guide is one of a series of steps being taken to make the MIT campus accessible to persons with disabilities. Since it is not practical to show either all existing architectural barriers or all possible routes, this map addresses the overall accessibility of the MIT campus. Although this guide deals with the general needs of the temporarily or permanently disabled, MIT is prepared to respond to the special needs of individuals.

Access at MIT

Architectural Barriers

If you encounter any barriers or have any requirements or recommendations relating to the physical environment, contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office (N52-496, 617-452-3477), Facilities (NE49-2300, 617-258-7011), or SDS staff (5-104, 617-253-1674).

Library Services
The MIT Libraries are committed to ensuring persons with disabilities have access to all of our resources. Assistance retrieving items from the stacks can be requested at any MIT Libraries service desk and most items can be requested in advance for pickup at any services desk using the Your Account service. Qualified students with disabilities may specify a "Designated Borrower" to borrow materials on their behalf by contacting Student Support Services who will assist in obtaining this privilege from the Libraries. The libraries are equipped with assistive equipment and software for persons with disabilities. For more information regarding access to MIT Libraries materials and services call 617-253-5671 or email

Locked Doors and Keyed Entry
Some doors are locked after 6 pm and on weekends. For entry information, contact MIT police, W89, (general business number) 617-253-2996.

The following building has special entry or keyed entry requirements: Building 12 overhead door, basement entry.
For keys, contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office, Room: N52-496, Tel: 617-452-3477. For Kresge Theater seating, contact the Campus Activities Complex Office,Tel: 617-253-3913.

MIT Medical
The MIT Medical Department staffs a wide range of medical specialists, including social workers, who can provide medical care and counseling to individuals with disabilities at MIT. General appointments: 617-253-4481, or TTY: 617-258-0656. Urgent Care (24 hour line): 617-253-1311. If the situation is potentially life-threatening and you are on the MIT campus, dial 100 from any campus telephone. Campus Police will provide ambulance service to MIT Medical or a nearby acute care hospital. If the need is urgent but not life-threatening, call MIT Medical's Urgent Care Line for advice, 617-253-1311 (voice/TTY). Urgent Care is available for walk-in appointments seven days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

The MIT Museum
The MIT Museum welcomes all visitors. For those using a wheelchair, please enter the front door of the Museum where our admission desk, store, accessible restrooms and the Sampling MIT exhibition are located. Access to the second floor exhibitions and accessible restrooms is via lift and elevator. Museum staff will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Please call 617-253-5927 if you have questions or would like to discuss our building in greater detail.

No Access Buildings
There is no physical access to the following buildings: N42; E1 * W2 and W2A.The Institute is committed to providing access to the programs and activities offered in these buildings. Contact Student Disability Services, 5-104, 617-253-1674.

Special Elevators
For keys to key-operated elevators, contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office, N52-496, 617-253-4736. Lifts are unlocked except in Buildings 10 and 33. The following are key-operated elevators: Building 1; Building 48; Buildings E38/39; Building E40; Building NW14; Building NW16; and Maseeh.

MIT's parking lots are located in different zones, and parking permits are specific to zones. Please see the Parking and Transportation Office for information on accessible parking spaces. Parking in designated disabled spaces requires a registry-issued disabled license plate/placard as well as the MIT parking sticker. If you do not have a disabled plate and special parking arrangements are required for an extended period of time you may contact the Medical Department, E23-281, 617-253-7625. If special parking arrangements are required for the day, contact MIT Parking and Transportation, W20-022, 617-258-6510, Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm.

Snow Removal
If additional snow removal is needed, contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at 617-253-4948 or Their office is in Building 7-019. The Customer Service Center representatives are available to assist the community from Monday through Friday 7 AM to 4:30 PM.

Transportation - Campus-Wide
The Parking and Transportation Office operates MIT's campus shuttle service known as the TECH Shuttle. TECH Shuttle provides a safe means of transportation weekdays around the MIT campus. TECH Shuttle operates 5 days a week from 6:15AM to 7:10PM. TECH Shuttle does not operate on weekends and MIT holidays. This service is free and available to all members of the MIT community. The TECH Shuttle vehicles are driven by service employees of Standard Parking and carry two-way radios for a direct link to the Parking and Transportation Office and the Campus Police. The TECH shuttle service employs accessible vehicles.

  • Schedules and Route Map: Please note that inclement weather, vehicle maintenance, and heavy traffic conditions may affect the times listed on the schedules. For scheduling information please see the TECH Shuttle page of the MIT Facilities website.

Transportation: Medical Necessity
Under extraordinary circumstances and when deemed appropriate by SDS and Campus Police, people with medical circumstances may be provided medical transports for up to a four (4) week period. During the first week of transports, the MIT Campus Police will provide up to two (2) round trips within one day. For the second and subsequent weeks of transports, they will provide one round trip per day. [In cases where the medical needs of the person with a disability might extend for a short period of time beyond the four week period, MIT Medical will conduct a case review and advise Campus Police if there are special needs.] For more information, call Campus Police at (617) 253-9751. Contact SDS for eligibility information, 5-104, (617) 253-1674.

Talented Scholars Resource Room (TSR^2)
The Office of Minority Education Talented Scholars Resource Room (TSR^2) offers free tutoring services to interested MIT undergraduate students. Organized and managed by students, the TSR2 provides one-on-one tutoring sessions, P-Set nights, as well as exam and final reviews — services ideal for scholars in search of individual academic assistance.
The TSR2 is located in Room 16-159. See the TSR2 section of the OME website for information on the current group tutoring sessions and/or to request a tutor for a specific subject. Disability Services staff can also provide assistance in arranging access to tutorial services.

Web Policy and Relevant Links
MIT is committed to providing equal access to information technology in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. This commitment ensures that MIT Web-based products, software, online documentation, and library resources will be accessible to users with disabilities. Developers and purchasers need to take accessibility features into account in the design or purchase process. This applies to software and Web-based products to be used in administration and services, courses of instruction, departmental programs and Institute-sponsored activities. If you purchase or develop Web-based products, see the ATIC lab website for information on creating accessible web pages.