Disabilities Services

Helping to ensure that students with special, physical and mental needs have access to an MIT education.

MIT is dedicated to providing services to students who have mental and/or physical disabilities. For physical disabilities, MIT has established a number of wheelchair friendly routes around campus, using Lobby 7 as a starting point. Click here to see the routes. The Student Disabilities Services (SDS) also provides a campus accessibility map. Also, all MIT residences are handicap accessible.

For mental disabilities, MIT also provides a number of services. Some of these services include but are not limited to: instructional aids, note takers, textbooks that are available on tape, trained readers to read material to student if book on tape is not available, brailed course material, enlarged course material, change of setting (with less distraction), exams on tape, clarifying exam questions, extended time.

In order to utilize these services, you must have the correct documentation and permission of the SDS staff.  If you have a disability or think you may have a disability that could benefit from accommodations offered by the institute, please contact the following:

Student Disabilities Office
Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming
Room 5-104