MIT L.E.A.D. 2nd level

Speaker's Bureau

The Speaker's Bureau is composed of MIT staff and faculty who are ready and willing to facilitate discussions or work with you to create an activity, workshop, or training.  They are some of the best resources and consultants on campus!  Take a look through our bureau - topics that our speaker's are able to speak to are listed next to their name and picture - and contact someone you think would be a good fit.

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La-Tarri Canty
Assistant Director, Student Activities and Director, Multicultural Programs
Topics: brainstorming, effective collaboration, ethical decision making, group dynamics, membership recruitment and retention, social justice, visioning

Noreen Finn
Operations Supervisor, Campus Activities Complex
Topics: event planning, leadership styles, public service

Leah Flynn Gallant
Assistant Dean and Director, Student Engagement and Leadership Programs, Student Activities Office
Topics: effective collaboration, delegation and accountability, fundraising and corporate sponsorship, marketing, social justice, strategic planning

Lauren Hanley
Assistant Director of Fitness, DAPER
Topics: effective collaboration, energizing and motivating people, low ropes, marketing, team building

Alison Hynd
Fellowships & Internships, Public Service Center
Topics: planning community projects, safety and liability around travel

Caroline McCall
Media Relations Assistant, MIT News
Topics: ethical decision making, group development, risk management

Stephanie Kloos
Director of Fitness and Member Services, DAPER
Topics: delegation and accountability, effective collaboration, ethical decision making, fundraising and corporate sponsorship, integrity, low ropes, marketing, team building, values

Jason McKnight
Assistant Dean for Graduate Education
Topics: conflict resolution and group dynamics, constitution planning, delegation and accountability, ethical decision making, event planning, integrity, marketing, mission and goals, strategic planning, team building, transitioning effectively, values

Julie Rothhaar
Assistant Dean, Residential Life Programs and First Year Experience
Topics: event planning, social justice, team building, time management

Sally Susnowitz
Assistant Dean and Director, Public Service Center
Topics: alumni relations, effective collaboration, delegation and accountability, fundraising and corporate sponsorship, marketing, public service opportunities, social justice, space planning, strategic planning