MIT L.E.A.D. 2nd level


Feeling ready to take your new skills from DEVELOP, that knowledge from ENGAGE, and your reflections from ACT and put them into practice?  Want to bring a facilitator or speaker to your student organization?  Want to lead your group through a training, activity, or discussion?  Or just interested in learning more about leadership and expanding your knowledge?

Check out the resources offered through the LEAD portion of this site:

Speaker's Bureau
Composed of MIT staff and faculty who are ready and willing to facilitate discussions or work with you to create an activity, workshop, or training.

Consultation Services
Meet with a member of the Student Activities Office staff to discuss your organization, plan a retreat, visualize a vission, start a new initiative, or whatever else you have germinating in your mind. Contact us at

Literature Review
Articles, books, websites, blogs, etc covering a variety of leadership topics, themes, and skills that we have found valuable and think others would enjoy reading. Each suggestion includes a quick blurb about the content.

Web Based Resources and Trainings
Need an awesome ice breaker, want a really good team builder, not sure how to have a conversation about values, want ideas for your group's retreat, or a plethora of other questions/needs? Check out what we have below!

  • Documents - You can check out past L.E.A.D. workshops and download activities with step by step instructions, all organized by topic.  
  • Videos - You can watch past L.E.A.D. workshop sessions and also check out team builders and ice breakers in action.