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What is travel?

A travel expense is any expense incurred while traveling on MIT business.  This may include hotels, airfare, restaurants, gas, reimbursement of personal vehicle mileage, etc. While 'traveling/trip' may sometimes difficult to define, there are some expenses which will ALWAYS be defined as a travel expense:  Airfare, hotel, rental cars, gas for rental cars, personal vehicle mileage, interstate train or bus fare, for example.

For more detailed information on the Institute Travel Policies, please visit the VPF Website.

Paying for Travel

Trips must be registered using the Student Travel Form (see below)

  • Use SAO Travel Card to pay for Hotels, Airfare, Conference Fees, and Rental Cars

    • Pre-approval by SAO is required

    • Hotels may be booked via personal credit card. Then, obtain a 'Credit Card Authorization Form' from the hotel to transfer payment to SAO card.

  • Reimbursements for personal expenses (including airfare) will not be reimbursed until the trip has concluded.

Travel Reimbursement

  • All travel reimbursements for MIT Students and Staff should be completed on Concur upon return from trip. Hand in original receipts, invoices, boarding passes, etc. to SAO and should include the "Detailed Report with Allocation Summary" as a cover sheet.
    • Concur submissions are completed by the individual being reimbursed
    • Concur submissions require a note, electronically attached as a receipt, from a financial signatory approving the expense AND referencing the cost object to be charged - Travel Signatory Authorization form available here.
    • Concur training video is available in the Support and Training tab
  • For NON-MIT people, please have the traveler complete the paper Travel Reimbursement Voucher, have it signed by a financial signatory and submit with receipts to the Student Activities Office

Domestic Travel

International Travel

Per Group/Trip

Per Traveler