Student Activities Office 2nd Level


What is travel?

  •  Anything that involves traveling outside of New England 

  •  Anything that involves an overnight stay 

  • To be included: Gas, Food, Lodging, Registration fees, and Activity fees

Paying for Travel

  • Use SAO Travel Card to book and pay for Hotels, Airfare, and Rental Cars

  • Contact Colin Codner, Asst Dir for Student Activities and Finance (W20-549)

  • Use RFP-Payment system to pay Conference Registrations and other fees

Travel Reimbursement

  • Hand in original receipts, invoices, boarding passes, etc. to SAO upon return from trip with appropriate cover page

  • All travel reimbursements for MIT Students and Staff should be completed on Concur and should include the "Detailed Report with Allocation Summary" as a cover sheet.
    • Concur submissions are completed by the individual being reimbursed
    • Concur submissions require a note, electronically attached as a receipt, from a financial signatory approving the expense
    • Concur training video is available in the Training tab
  • For NON-MIT people, please complete the paper Travel Expense Form as a cover sheet

Domestic Travel

International Travel