Student Activities Office 2nd Level

Publicity and Marketing

Check out this page for suggestions for publicizing on the MIT campus:

Directing Your Request Towards Specific MIT Groups:
Send information about your event to relevant student group leaders so that they may email their lists of students.

MIT Events Calendar as seen on the MIT homepage. Click on the “more events …” link in the right hand box, from there you can add your event.

General Bulletin Boards can be used by both MIT and non-MIT affiliated individuals and groups to post flyers for events/opportunities. Bulletin boards are cleared every Monday morning and Thursday night. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Poster only in designated spaces
  • MIT groups have priority
  • You must include the sponsoring party and contact information
  • You must date your posters

What you CAN do:

  • Use flat flyers up to 22” x 17”
  • Poster over repeated flyers
  • Poster over flyers of past events

What you can NOT do:

  • Never tear down other posters; poster over them, if applicable above, but do not tear them down
  • Don’t poster over current flyers

No posters, flyers, or other announcements shall be placed on any wall, door, window, pillar, floor, chalkboard, ceiling, tree, outside building space, or other space at MIT other than a designated bulletin board or official announcement space. 

Athena Cluster Postering
Groups are permitted to place posters on the bulletin boards provided:

  • Groups remove their own posters after events
  • No official IS&T posters are covered
  • All the above rules for postering are followed.

Infinite Display is digital advertising on flat-screens, as seen in the Student Center, Stata, East Campus, and the Infinite. All ASA-recognized groups can receive 3 free days of posting per semester upon request ( 

Lobby 10 Booths and Student Center Vendor Tables
MIT offers the use of booths and tables to both MIT and non-MIT individuals and groups for the purpose of the sale of goods and services and the dissemination of information that will benefit the MIT community. Contact the Campus Activities Complex (CAC) for more information at 617-253-3913 or visit their website at

Groups may use chalk to advertise events on sidewalks provided:

  • All chalking is done only on walkways and paths around campus, NOT on vertical surfaces such as sides of buildings
  • Chalking may only be done with washable chalk

Lobby 7 Kiosk Display Spaces
Six kiosk spaces are available for the display of information for the promotion of MIT sponsored events taking place on campus. This space may be reserved for up to seven (7) days, starting on a Monday through end of the day on Sunday. For additional guidelines: Request a reservation from the staff of the Information Center: 617-253-4795.

LED Display Bosworth’s Café
Request a reservation from the staff of the Information Center: 617-253-4795.

The Tech, MIT’s student-run newspaper, prints on tabloid-size paper, with a 10-inch wide by 16-inch tall area available for advertising on each page. There is a charge for this service. Guidelines concerning payment and ad submission can be found under the link “Advertising Information and Rates” at