Student Activities Office 2nd Level

Event Planning

This portion of the SAO site is designed to help students and student organizations in the planning, preparation, and running of events and programs at MIT. We have tried to make this as user-friendly as possible, providing you with the information and procedures we find is most key for student groups to be aware of in their planning process. For more in depth information check out the Student Organization Handbook created by the Student Activities Office or the Event Planning Guide, created and maintained by the Campus Activities Complex (CAC) and the Student Activities Office.

Some of this information will be specific to ASA recognized student organizations that are not dorm communities or FSILGs. If you are planning an event in a dorm or an FSILG, we recommend checking out this website and then connecting directly with Residential Life Programs or the Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups Office to learn more about their specific policies and registering events in those communities.

If you have questions after reviewing this site, please contact