SAO Charm School 2nd Level

Teach A Class

Pick a topic that you can speak about for brief  twenty minute class intervals. If you would like to teach a class but are unsure of where to start, just let us know and we will help you to develop a short curriculum. 

Charm School is an event hosted in the Stratton Student Center on the last Friday of IAP. Classes run for fifteen minutes at a time. We ask that instructors limit their classes to twenty minutes so students have an opportunity to experience a breadth of Charm classes. Given the limited class time, be specific in your topic! For example, the topic of Networking could be broken down into the following individual classes: How to Shake Hands, Starting a Conversation, Staying Connected with Contacts, Connecting in the Office, Business Cards 101, Body Language, How to Exude Confidence, etc.

Past instructors have created handouts to supplement their classes, which have included articles, curriculum outlines, or tip sheets. In an effort to go green, we are asking instructors to limit handouts to a quarter-sheet size of paper.

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