SAO Charm School 2nd Level



Some people say that MIT students are nerds and this program is designed to address this. Is this why you run the program?
No! The classes we teach are designed for everyone, and we feel that we all have something to learn about etiquette, manners, communication, and personal skills. The nerd stereotype is not only misleading, it does not begin to capture the diverse, dynamic community that we have here at MIT. The bottom line is that not everyone receives this kind of instruction, either at home or in school, so we feel they are important life skills for us to pass on to the community.


Who is Charm School open to? Can I take a class?
Charm School is only open to MIT affiliates -- students, faculty, staff, alumni -- and their invited and escorted guests.

How can I participate in Charm School?
There is no pre-registration needed for Charm School! All that you have to do as an MIT student, faculty, or staff member is show up at our events between Jan. 26-30th, and we'll do the rest!

Why should I participate in Charm School?
Perhaps you are going on an important interview and need a few tips on conversation, hand shaking, or what to wear. Maybe you are wondering what to say to someone when they have given you a gift that is just awful. You just might not know which utensil to use for the sorbet that came after the salad but before the dinner. You have been invited to a friend's wedding and haven't a clue about how to dance a basic waltz. The list goes on, and everyone has their own reasons for attending Charm School.

Are the classes the only aspect of Charm School?

No, we have special events throughout the week. See the schedule.


Who can teach at Charm School?
If you have charming “expertise” to share, we are happy to consider you for a spot on the Charm School faculty, even if you are not an MIT affiliate. Though first priority is given to MIT affiliates, we often have teachers from outside of the direct community.  Contact Joel Pettigrew in the SAO for more information.  
How can I teach a class?
It's easy! Students, faculty, and staff are welcome and encouraged to teach Charm School classes. Contact Joel Pettigrew in the SAO for more information. 

What about curriculum? Do I have to come up with it on my own?

We have curriculum for the majority of our classes that is there for you to use if you want to, and the SAO staff are available to help in brainstorming your class. We also have books on manners and etiquette that we loan to interested Charm School faculty. Stop by W20-549 to review these resources. If you develop your own curriculum, give us a copy and we will make duplicates for you and log it in the Charm School curriculum book for future use.