SAO Charm School 2nd Level


MIT's Charm School ran for one afternoon during MIT's Independent Activities Period (IAP), a 4-week term in January/February that includes over 700 academic, quasi-academic, and non-academic subjects. In 2008, Charm School began to expand into IAP with new in-depth workshops.  This year, Charm School will be shifted to match and complement our new Student Leader Toolkit experience, taking some of the beloved Charm School sessions, and enhancing them with new opportunities, new collaborations, and new workshop times. 

The first Charm School took place during IAP 1993. Since then, its popularity has grown and the event has become a strong MIT tradition. Each year, students take Charm School seriously, although they have a good time while doing it. It has become a full-fledged community event with students, staff, and faculty participating together. Faculty often enjoy the event because it gives them an opportunity to interact with students in a different way than they do in the classroom.

The success of Charm School is due to many things: the energy and enthusiasm of the faculty, students, and administrators who participate, the festive atmosphere, and its humorous and irreverent tone.