SAO Charm School

Friday, January 31, 2014 - 12 pm to 5 pm - W20 

How do I ask for a date? Which bread plate is mine? At what point in a job interview can I ask about salary? Should I use a cell phone while on the T or the elevator? How can a student network to find the perfect position?

Join us for MIT's 21st Annual Charm School to find out these answers and more. Participate in mini-classes on a wide variety of "charming" subjects, take in the wisdom of our Charm instructors, and even earn your "Ch.D." (Doctoral degree in Charm).  And by mini, we mean mini - each Charm Class is only 15 minutes long!  That means you can take in 4 different subjects in just an hour and be that much closer to earning your degree.

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What's Charm School?

The CBS Morning Show visited last year to find out. Watch the video here!