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The Student Activities Office is here for you!

The Student Activities Office provides an environment for students to test new ideas, develop leadership skills and create community at MIT.

Through co-curricular opportunities and experiences such as student organizations, events, cross-cultural education, civic engagement, and leadership development, students gain invaluable skills and experiential knowledge that they will continue to develop during their time on campus and beyond as future leaders.

News and Announcements:

  • PLEASE NOTE: The event registration process has moved online! You can find the application in the Atlas Portal.
  • Need to sell tickets or collect fees? MIT's got you covered: use AdMIT One for all your ticketing needs! With staff here on campus to support your event and a direct connection to your student organization accounts, AdMIT One is the easiest and most secure way to sell tickets.  It's also cheaper than most outside ticket sale services! Contact the SAO for more info.
  • Check out the Student Organization Handbook for information regarding student organizations and event planning.  
  • Student Leaders! Find hundreds of free online courses using Skillsoft through the MIT's Learning Center. Hone your leadership skills through these online resources!
  • Are you a cultural student group or organization? You can click here to request funding for events, programs and retreats!
  • Student Leaders! Click here for more information about how to start the year off right with your student organization.  

Whether you are looking to join an organization or grow your skills as a student organization leader, or whether you are looking to learn more about the intersections of identity or dive deeper into your own cultural heritage, the Student Activities Office is here to support you. From financial transactions and organizational budgeting to planning large-scale concerts or small craft nights, we have staff and interns who know the resources and opportunities that are best suited to enhance your work. Come in and chat with us, and we’ll help you make great things happen!