Returning from Leave of Absence (LOA)

All students should to speak with one of the S3 Deans as they plan to return from a Leave of Absence. Please be sure you have completed all tasks on the Return from Leave of Absence Checklist below before you complete the online Leave of Absence (LOA) Return Request Form.

Note: If you have been away from MIT for more than 4 semesters, you should complete the

form and process for Personal Leave.


Deadlines to Request Return from Leave of Absence

  • Fall term deadline: June 15
  • Spring term deadline: November 15

Return from Leave of Absence Checklist

1. Note Financial Aid deadlines

  • An application for financial aid must be submitted by April 15, prior to the intended academic year of return.
  • To apply for financial aid, contact Student Financial Services (617-258-8600,

2. Check to make sure you are financially cleared to return to MIT - Contact Student Financial Services (617-258-8600) to resolve any student account or loan holds.

3. International students must contact the International Students Office.

  • You will need to send in a new financial certification form.
  • The ISO must update your certificate of eligibility before your return to MIT.
  • Please contact the International Students Office (617-253-3795) for more information.

4. Develop a plan for housing

  • Currently, on-campus housing cannot be guaranteed for students returning from leave. If you are interested in on-campus housing you should follow the most up to date process provided by Housing & Residential Services. Contact MIT HRS with any questions (617-253-2811 or
  • If you are considering housing with an FSILG, please contact the fraternity, sorority, or independent living group in which you would like to live. Please keep in mind that space may be limited and housing cannot be guaranteed. Contact the FSILG office (617-253-7546 or with any questions.
  • For assistance and advice on your off-campus housing search, please contact the MIT Off-Campus Housing (

5. Submit an updated Medical Report form.

6. Contact your advisor/academic department and any one else you think should be notified of your return (e.g., athletic coach, UROP Supervisor, GRT).

7. Complete the online Leave of Absence (LOA) Return Request Form.