Money & Food Resources

If you are a student with an urgent financial need, Student Support Services can help.

Resources are available to help students cover unforeseen, essential expenses, or to obtain enough food for regular meals. S3 can help you cover or subsidize urgent costs such as winter clothing or an emergency trip home. In order to be responsive to your urgent needs, we have simplified and streamlined the request process. Please fill out this brief form describing your request.

Also, you should discuss your request with your S3 individual dean in person or by phone. Your individual dean will also review your request form.
In some cases, students will not receive funds if it is determined that:
  1. The needs are not critical, or
  2. They can utilize other resources to fulfill the need.
In such instances, students will be referred to and connected with the alternate resources. Please note that some expenses cannot be covered by this fund, including tuition, on-campus housing, and other costs that may be covered by financial aid.

Food Resources: SwipeShare

It doesn’t matter who you are; not being able to access enough food to sustain an active healthy life is an issue that students can face. The MIT SwipeShare program assists students in this situation. Undergraduate students who wish to receive donated meal swipes should talk to a dean in the Student Support Services Office. Graduate students should email Naomi Carton at

Donate Meals

Students on a meal plan can support SwipeShare by donating guest swipes online. Click here to get started. After logging in with certificates, they can view the number of guest swipes they have remaining for the semester and select how many of those guest swipes they would like to donate.