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Visit MIT's Diversity website, "Inventing our Future," to learn more about religious diversity at MIT. 

The Chaplains at MIT, representing many of the world's religions, serve both their own religious communities, as well as the MIT community at large. Chaplains are available for counseling, private talks, and program development. Many of the religious groups represented by the chaplains meet weekly for worship, prayer, or study. In addition, more than thirty student religious groups, recognized by the Association of Student Activities, are active on campus. MIT Chaplains are available for counseling, conversation, and consultation. If you are planning a life cycle event or religious ceremony, such as a wedding, there are MIT guidelines to consider.

MIT Board of Chaplains

Below is a list of the current members of MIT's Board of Chaplains, alphabetical by religion. We look forward to serving you.


Organization Contact E-mail Phone

Addir Fellows Interfaith Dialogue

Ora Gladstone  617.253.3511

American Baptist

Karl LaClair 617.252.1780

Asian Baptist Student Koinonia

Pastor David Um 617.877.1166


Brian Aull 781.981.4676


Rev. Michael Dean 617.253.2328

Blue Ocean Faith

Adam Reynolds 617.359.7457


Ven. Tenzin Priyadarshi 617.253.2327

Cru - Campus Crusade for Christ

Chris Swanson 515.451.9542

Catholic (Roman)

Fr. Daniel P. Moloney


Outgoing Chaplain to the Institute

Interim Chaplain to the Institute

Robert M. Randolph

Rev. John Wuestneck


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Darrin Simpson 317.727.4351


Rev. Thea Keith-Lucas 617.253.2983


Swami Tyagananda 617.536.5320

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Rev. Kevin Ford 617.252.1782

Jewish / Hillel

Rabbi Michelle Fisher

Rabbi Gavriel Goldfeder


The Leadership Connection

Dave Thom 617.258.7333


Rev. Kari Jo Verhulst



Karl LaClair 617.252.1780


Hoda Elsharkawi 617.240.2580


Karl LaClair 617.252.1780

Reformed University Fellowship

Rev. Solomon Kim 857.500.0557

Seventh-day Adventist

Andrew Innocent 407.937.9003

Southern Baptist

Rev. Michael Dean 617.253.2328

Sojourn Collegiate Ministry

Timothy Hawkins 617.909.7818

United Church of Christ

Karl LaClair 617.252.1780


Daryush Mehta 617.599.0328