Weekly Religious Services at MIT

Schedule may vary when classes are not in session. For more information on religious services and activities, visit the MIT Chaplains and the Religious Activities Center, Building W11 on the corner of Mass Ave and Amherst.

                  Catholic Mass
                                    9:30 am, Chapel
                  Protestant Worship Service
                                    11:00 am Chapel  
                  Catholic Mass
                                    1:00 pm, Chapel
                  Catholic Mass
                                    5:00 pm, Chapel
                  Catholic Mass
                                    7:30 pm, Chapel
                  Catholic Mass
                                    12:05 pm, Chapel
                  Cru large group meeting
                                    8pm, Mezzanine Lounge – W20-307
                  Lutheran Episcopal Ministry – Holy Communion
                                    5:15 pm, Chapel
                  Baptist Mid-Week Dinner, Worship and Study
                                    6:00 pm, W11-080 (lower level)
                  Catholic Mass
                                    7:30 pm, Chapel
                  Buddhist Community Meditation and Worship
                                    6pm, Main Dining Room
                  Catholic Mass
                                    12:05 pm, Chapel
                  Muslim Jum’a
                                    1:25 pm, Masjid (Muslim Prayer Room), W11
                  Hillel Shabbat Services (September times may be different, please check hillel.mit.edu for updates)
                  (Conservative, Orthodox)
                                    6:00 pm, Hillel Center
                  Hillel Shabbat Dinner
                                    7:00 pm, W11 MDR
                  Hillel Orthodox Shabbat Services
                                    9:00 am, Hillel Center
                  Hillel Shabbat lunch (SLAMIT)
                                    12:30 pm, W11 MDR