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9th-Term Housing Request


Cash Box Request Form

Student Activities Cash Boxes are for loan to ASA recognized student groups and residence hall student governments. They are for use in making change for sales only and come with $40 in cash.

Cleaning Waiver (Graduate Housing)

This form serves as confirmation that you have asked to waive the standard, recommended cleaning of your assignment in graduate housing in order to secure an earlier move-in date.

Committee on Student Life Roster 2015-16

CSWS Time Sheet Sample

CVC Verification Form

Please send the form and attached receipts to SAO (W20-549)


Federal Work-Study Agreement

Federal Work-Study Employer Job Description

Federal Work-Study Job Continuation Application

Federal Work-Study Job Description Application

Federal Work-Study Program Agreement with Off-Campus Agency

Federal Work-Study Tutor Description Application


Graduate and Family Housing License Agreement (G)

All students/MIT affiliates who are currently or newly assigned to a MIT graduate or family residence hall are required to electronically sign a Graduate Housing License Agreement.  


Housing Cancellation Form (UG)

Housing Termination Form (G)


Incoming Transfer and Exchange Students (UG)

Infinite Mile Individual Nomination Form

Infinite Mile Team Nomination Form

Internal Transfer Form - Graduate Family Housing

Internal Transfer Form - Graduate Single Housing


Media Release Form

MIT Campus Accessibility Map

This guide presents the major means of physical access to MIT facilities, as well as the architectural barriers which may be encountered. Although this guide deals with the general needs of people with temporary or permanent mobility impairments, MIT is prepared to respond to other access requests.

MIT Student Group Professional Service Contract


OSC Event Budget Template


Personal Events Request

Want to have an event on Campus? Filling out the Personal Events Request form is the first step.

Prize Payment

Proof of Residency

All students who need proof-of-address documentation, including letters for the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to obtain a driver's license or state ID, should submit a Proof of Residence Letter or Rental Verification Request.

Please allow 3-5 days for processing. You will receive an email when your letter is ready for pick-up.


Rental Verification

All students who need proof-of-address documentation and/or rental verifications for off-campus housing should submit a Proof of Residence Letter or Rental Verification Request.

Please allow 3-5 days for processing. You will receive an email when your letter is ready for pick-up.

Repair Request Form & Instructions

Request to Move On-Campus (UG)

Residential Hall Security Review Committee Report

The Residential Hall Security Review Committee, convened in December 2011 in response to several security-related incidents in the dormitories, submitted the report to summarize its review of and recommendations for security in the MIT housing system.

Return from Leave

Return from Study Abroad Semester/Year

RFP Check Sheet


SAO Supplemental Funding Request Application

Smoking Agreement Form

East Campus is the only designated MIT residence hall to allow smoking in student rooms if all of the students are smokers and request in writing that smoking be permitted in their rooms. A smoking agreement form must be filled out by each individual in that room. Roommates who cannot come to agreement, or who have not all completed an individual form, are prohibited from smoking in their individual room.

Stop Payment, Void and/or Reissue Form

Student Activities Donation to Charity Form

Student Activities Employment Agreement

Student Organization Controlled Value Card Application Form

Student Payroll Form

Student Travel Form

Summer Student Housing Request

Supplemental Housing Request


TechCASH DLC Agreement

Any MIT department, lab, or center (DLC) that desires to provide goods and services to the MIT community utilizing the TechCASH program should download and complete this form.

TechCASH Off-Campus Merchant Application

Off-campus merchants interested in accepting TechCASH should download and complete this form, then send it back according to the instructions on the form.

Transfer Request Form

Travel Reimbursement Voucher

Travel Signatory Authorization

Travel Signatory Authorization


WHOI Housing License Agreement

WHOI Notification Form