Residential Life Programs 2nd level

Area Directors (AD)

Who: Professional staff

Where: Burton Conner, MacGregor House, McCormick Hall, Maseeh Hall, New House, Next House and Simmons Hall.

What: An Area Director (AD) is a full-time professional employee of the Residential Life Programs office. As a live-in member of the House Team, the AD provides individual assistance to students through personal advising, counseling and crisis intervention.

Who is my AD?   



Michael Barcelo

Area Director
Random Hall
Office: (617) 324-7444

John Ross Campbell

Area Director
New House
Office: (617) 453-5577


Kristen Covino

Area Director
Baker House
Office: (617) 324-7351

Jimmy Doan

Area Director
Next House
Office: (617) 254-4255


Nelson Feliciano

Area Director
East Campus
Office: (617) 324-7353

Joshua Gonzalez

Area Director
Simmons Hall
Office: (617) 452-2299


Rebecca Kjaerbye

Area Director
Maseeh Hall
Office: (617) 253-5542

Michelle Lessly

Area Director
Burton Conner
Office: (617) 253-5097



Area Director
McCormick Hall
Office: (617) 253-5954

Mike Zakarian

Area Director
MacGregor House
Office: (617) 225-9104


To contact the Area Director team, email