First-Year Experience

First-Year Experience

Welcome! First-Year Experience (FYE) provides curriculum and services to support first-year students’ successful transition to college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT is more complex and diverse than many high schools. To help you navigate and make MIT into your home FYE is comprised of students, professors, advisors, professional staff and peer mentors to help first-year students make connections and the most of their MIT experience. Focusing on the specific needs of MIT students, FYE offers a variety of events and programs that connect students with their classmates, the MIT community, and the numerous resources that are available across campus.

FYE prides itself on the following three guiding principles:

FYE partners with House Teams in MIT residence halls and FSILG communities (Housemasters, ADs, GRTs, and RAs) to help students adjust to the MIT community and their new environment. Regardless of which community students live-in or identify with they are surrounded by people who are available to help and support them during their first year.