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Interested in tackling climate change? Many PKG partners are currently seeking support for environmental, energy, and climate-focused projects.

PKG Community Partner Climate Positions:
Looking for even more projects?
Read the Community Climate Change event recap here and contact the partners in attendance

"The PKG Fellowship gave me the opportunity to pursue my academic and career area of interest, climate change adaptation and resiliency, at a state public agency that might not have otherwise been able to sponsor a student. In addition to building my network and learning about my own career preferences, the fellowship helped me feel like I was making an impact in the area I’ve called home for the past 5 years. Transportation is a field that touches the lives of everyone in Massachusetts [..]. Whether we’re taking the train, driving, biking, or walking, we’re relying on transportation infrastructure to consistently move us from our homes to work or to school or to the grocery store.” - Liana Banuelos, DUSP G