Information for Respondents

Information for respondents about the student conduct process

Regardless of the circumstances, being accused of violating MIT policy can be a stressful experience. While some of that stress may be inevitable, this page has been designed to answer questions and clarify processes. Every case is unique, however, and for that reason students who are subject to disciplinary complaints receive an offer to meet with our staff to discuss the case fully. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 617-258-8423.

What to expect

You will receive a letter that instructs you to make an appointment with our staff to discuss this case. During that meeting, our staff will review all the information with you, discuss next steps, and answer questions you may have. Following that meeting, you will have an opportunity to respond in writing.

Before your meeting, you can consider what questions you have and who else might be able to assist you. You can have an advisor during any meetings and you can submit witnesses and witness statements. You don’t need to have decided any of this by your first meeting, but they are things to consider.