Information for Complainants

Information for complainants about the student conduct process and submitting a complaint, or reporting an incident.

According to MIT policies, complaints alleging that MIT students or student organizations have violated Institute policy should be directed to the Office of Student Conduct. Complaints against MIT faculty and staff should be directed to Human Resources.

Because each case is unique, if you are considering filing a case, we encourage you to meet with the staff in the Office of Student Conduct to discuss the incident’s specifics, how the process addresses violations, and so we may answer any questions you have.  This initial meeting does not require you provide us with any information, but would allow us to provide you with more context to the process.  To make an appointment, email or call 617-258-8423.


How do I refer a case?

To submit a complaint, we suggest completing the complaint form on this website. Please complete as much of the form as you can and be as detailed as possible when writing about what happened. The following are some general tips for writing about the incident:

  1. Focus on the facts. As much as possible, describe someone’s behavior (example: “He raised his voice to a level I would describe as yelling”) rather than what that behavior led you to conclude (example: “He was angry.”).
  2. If a person is involved in the incident, the person's name and involvement should be in the narrative of the complaint form. If you believe a policy violation has occurred, the narrative should focus on specific information about an individual's role in an incident. The discipline process is designed to determine if a student is responsible or not responsible for alleged policy violations.
  3. To the best of your ability, identify the policies you believe were violated. OSC can assist you with understanding the policies.