About OMP


The Office of Multicultural Programs seeks to foster an inclusive and affirming campus climate. We provide oversight for the Black Student Union and the Latin Cultural Center. We advise the approximately seventy culturally-focused student clubs and organizations. We serve as a safe space for students to develop connections and broaden their scope. We exist to help students be successful, while providing advocacy, support services, trainings, workshops, leadership development and culturally based programs. We provide students with opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue and activities that will assist them in becoming change agents at MIT and beyond.  


  • Provide a safe and courageous space in which individuals from all social identities and backgrounds can feel comfortable discussing how multiple identities intersect
  • Support and challenge students to explore their own ethics, values, and beliefs on personal, social, and professional levels
  • Encourage students to examine systems of privilege and oppression
  • Offer advocacy and outreach to address students' cultural, educational, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs
  • Foster individual growth by providing students with workshops, trainings, and programs that allow them to be engaged, introspective, and self-aware
  • Promote intellectual, career, social, ethical, and social justice development
  • Spearhead large-scale cultural events that celebrate the diversity of the institute
  • Offer leadership development opportunities for students that build community, inform the academic experience, and empower them to become change agents for social justice
  • Teach bystander intervention that addresses racism, homophobia, sexism, and other forms of discrimination.

Office Hours
10:00 am- 6:00 pm
W31-110, Du Pont Athletic Gymnasium