Letter sent to undergraduates on November 20, 2016 about Student Support Services Survey Data

Dear Undergrads,

TL;DR: We all need help while at MIT; don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Of the 2016 graduating class, 68% visited S^3 over the course of their time at MIT - that’s a lot more than half!! We are hoping to improve the feedback process and have included more statistics gathered during the 2015-2016 academic year below.

During the past few months, the UA Student Support and Wellness Committee and the UA Special Projects Committee have worked in collaboration with Student Support Services and Dean Randall to increase insight into the services that they provide. We are working on updating the current S^3 survey and developing a mechanism to provide real-time feedback to individuals interested in learning more about S^3 from the experience of others. While the new survey is being worked on, with the permission of Dean Randall, we would like to share some data gathered through the existing survey so that students may gain insight into how individuals have felt with respect to their experiences with Student Support Services. These numbers were gathered through an anonymous and confidential survey sent out regularly by S^3 to individuals who had recently visited S^3.

As you will see, the numbers below show we all need help at some point during our time at MIT. Ask a senior - odds are they have benefited from student support! We hope that seeing these numbers will help you to realize that you are not alone if you ever find yourself needing to drop a pset, move a test, or just generally feeling overwhelmed. Share what helped when you met with a dean, share what you think the office already does well and how you believe the office can be improved, and encourage both yourself and others to reach out for help when it is needed.

The following statistics are highlights of the statistics gathered during the 2015-2016 academic year. Twenty percent of students who received it completed the survey.
• 68% of the 2016 graduating class visited Student Support Services at least once during their time at MIT.
• 503 seniors, 482 juniors, 463 sophomores, and 316 freshmen visited S3 at least once during the 2015-2016 academic year (41% of the undergraduate student population!).
• Overall 84% of students reported being satisfied with their visit, 12% were somewhat satisfied, Only 4% were not satisfied. Both we and S^3 encourage students who aren't satisfied to schedule a meeting with the co-directors or Dean Randall to provide feedback.
• 91% of students would recommend S^3 to a friend
• 87% of students waited for under 10 minutes once they arrived at the office

We all hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your time off!

Best regards,
Tamar Weseley, UA Student Support and Wellness Committee Chair
Tchelet Segev, UA Special Projects Committee Chair
Daniel Yahalomi, UA Student Support and Wellness Committee Vice Chair
Andy Trattner, UA Student Support and Wellness Committee Member