Concerts in the MIT Chapel

Upcoming Concerts:

SATURDAY JANUARY 13 | 7:30PM | Music of Ottoman-Turkish Women Composers

500 year old Ottoman music tradition owes a lot to the contribution of women composers, performers and teachers of Turkish music. Oldest documentations and illustrations which have survived until now of women performing music are from the 16th century. Studying musical activities of Ottoman women help us both understand the Ottoman tradition and the place of women in the music of modern Turkish society.

Performing works of numerous influential women composers dating from 17th century to present, some of which are Dilhayat Kalfa, Leyla Saz, Kevser Hanim, Mehves Hanim, Esma Sultan, Reftar Kalfa, Gevheri Osmanoglu, Neveser Kokdes.

Ceren Turkmenoglu - violin, rebab, bendir, voice

Volkan Efe - oud, ney, kemence, voice

Michael Harrist - bass, yayli tanbur, bendir, voice

Tev Stevig - guitars, tanbur, oud


Applications for performances in the MIT Chapel will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To be considered for a concert in the MIT Chapel, please submit the following:

☐ A brief program proposal (description, proposed repertoire, etc.)

☐ Individual or ensemble biography and CV (if applicable)

☐ 1-2 audio or video recordings

via email or mail to:

MIT Office of Religious Life

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Ave. Building W11

Cambridge, MA 02139


There is no charge for use of the Chapel for these concerts. You may not sell tickets, but you may collect free-will donations at the door as well as sell CDs or other merchandise at the concert.


An organ and upright piano are available in the Chapel and are maintained on a regular basis; the cost for any additional tuning will be the responsibility of the performers. It is the responsibility of the performers to provide and transport any other instruments or sound equipment.


Basic set-up needs will be accommodated, such as music stands and chairs for the performers.


Some publicity within the MIT community will be provided, but the performers are responsible for program and publicity design and printing.