Vienna R

Vienna Rothberg

Peer Education and Prevention Specialist,

Violence Prevention and Response

Education & Interests

Areas of Specialization & Professional Interests
Vienna Rothberg joined MIT in 2015 to start the PLEASURE@MIT program. She offers individual education sessions for folks with questions or concerns about sexuality or relationships. She also partners with students or groups seeking to interrupt culture on campus and create positive change. She is passionate about feminism, social justice, sexual health, pleasure and empowerment among (so many) other things. Her graduate training is in Public Health and Social Work. She enjoys leading group discussions about taboo topics and talking about all the things few folks are thrilled to talk about.  
University of Massachusetts Boston B.A. in English and Philosophy
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Master of Public Health
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Master of Social Work
Rape Crisis Counselor
Vienna enjoys eating delicious food, riding a bike and being in the wilderness. She feels like every day is a gift and that gift comes with a responsibility to act with care and always leave things better than you found them.
Phone: 617-258-6629