MIT Hillel's one-of-a-kind test tube menorah lighting will be held on Monday, December 10, at 5 pm in Lobby 7.
Students, faculty and staff taste and compete in fifth annual Hummus Experience
Over 100 students, faculty and staff gathered in Lobby 7 on Tuesday, December 20, to celebrate the beginning of Hanukah with the annual lighting of MIT Hillel’s test tube menorah.   
  Promotional video from 1956 gives a rare look at student life. View the video and check out the post on Slice of MIT. 
An annual MIT tradition since 2003, the Latke vs. Hamentaschen debate was held Tuesday, March 1. Sponsored by MIT Hillel, this lively debate features often outrageous arguments by prominent scholars in favor of two traditional Jewish foods: the fruit-filled cookie known as the hamentasch and the fried potato pancake known as the latke.
Wednesday's fourth annual MIT Hummus Experience gave the MIT community the opportunity to vote for the best home-made hummus.
As a high school student, Rabbi Michelle Fisher SM ’97 decided to attend Princeton University over MIT. The decisive factor was not academics or location — it was food.
In 1997, after passing her oral exams at MIT as a PhD student in chemistry, Michelle Fisher informed her advisor that she had changed her plans. She would continue to study, but not in the sciences: she was going to attend rabbinical school.
Islamic and Jewish students join together to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the start of the Jewish high holidays.