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Come Home to College


April 19, 2016

It is common for students to feel homesick during their first few weeks of college. Sometimes it could be a difficult transition until something drastically changes that feeling into being homesick for college.

Early on in her freshman year, Erin Main rushed Epsilon Theta (ET) and the rest was history. Main quickly made friends after just a week of various rush events and realized she had found the MIT group which she felt most comfortable to be herself around.

“What struck me about the house was how friendly and open everyone was,” said Main. “As a result, I chose to pledge.”
ET is a co-ed, MIT independent living group in Brookline. Its 20 residents, called Thetans, consider the ET community to be a friendly and close-knit one. The phrase “come home to college” is the culture the group embodies. This atmosphere extends to non-Thetans through weekly social events.

Main has consistently been involved with house government; she has served as ET’s Commander (aka President), social chair, music librarian, and weekly study break chair, or as the Thetans call it, “not coffee chair.”
ET also opened many other opportunities for Main to experience. Main found her way to the Living Group Council (LGC) as an LGC speaker, rock-climbing, singing, and to the autonomous robotics competition called MASLAB. Main would later be the director of this competition the following year.
“ET has been one of the best parts of my MIT life as it is a place where I can have fun, learn from others, and grow as a person.”

Main’s experience as a Thetan has embodied the three essential components of college. Going forward she plans to utilize her adaptable leadership skills within the workplace and in her network of friends.

Additional contributions by Stephanie Tran.

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